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Q-Logic Custom Kick Panel Speaker Mounts GMC SIERRA CLASSIC 1996-2000

Q-Logic Custom Kick Panel Speaker Mounts GMC SIERRA CLASSIC 1996-2000

Q-Logic Custom Kick Panel Speaker Mounts GMC SIERRA CLASSIC 1996-2000    Q-Logic Custom Kick Panel Speaker Mounts GMC SIERRA CLASSIC 1996-2000
1500 Regular Cab 1996 - 2000. 1500 Extended Cab 1999 - 2000. 2500/3500 Regular Cab 1999 - 2000. 2 Size choices - See difference in description below. 6 Color choices - Match your vehicle's interior.

1 Pair - Left and Right Custom. Q-Forms are replacement kick panels that have molded-in speaker mounting locations to house the high quality speaker system of your choice. Eash Q-Forms panel is custom designed to be a direct replacement for the factory panel in your car, truck, or SUV.

They ave available in every factory color originally offered for your vehicle, as well as black. All mounting fasteners, hardware and trim pieces. Protective grills (5.25 B Size Only). Custom matched to your car / color. Put speakers where you thought you couldn't.

No custom model available for your car? Try a UNIVERSAL Kick Panel Pod HERE. 1 1/2 Parking brake bend required. There are two distinct styles of Q Forms, depending on the size of woofer and grill you wish to use.

Please use the information below to deduce which model to order for your vehicle, as pictures of every model and color are not available at this time. The surface for the woofer is recessed for installation of up to a 5-1/4 woofer and the included perforated, color matched grill. Cut holes for your woofers and tweeters according to specifications as the size varies with manufacturers.

Notice the surface for the woofer is flat. Install up to a 6-1/2 woofer using woofer supplied grill and tweeter. This series has 1/2 deeper mounting space available to accommodate larger and deeper magnet structures.

Our GUARANTEE is this: The model you select will fit the vehicles listed. We will send you the exact model and color code you order. YOU ARE ORDERING CUSTOM MADE PRODUCTS which are NOT returnable. Q-Logic C-Series Q-Form custom kick panels are designed to hold a 2-way component speaker system consisting of a woofer up to 6-1/2" and a tweeter (up to 2" diameter). They are fabricated of durable ABS plastic, color matched to the factory interior colors, and directly replace the factory kick panels.

The positioning and angle of the speakers provide optimum stereo imaging and staging. No Grilles: No grilles are included with the Q-Forms C-SERIES, you must use the grilles supplied with the component system. In some cases, the grille could slightly overlap the mounting surface for the woofer.

In this case the cutout can be made so any overlap occurs at the back bottom edge where it will not be visible. With Q-Forms, each speaker is located and angled to maximize sound quality. The theory is that the distance between your ears and each of the speakers should be equal.

With your speakers in the kick panels, it's like sitting in that " sweet spot " at a concert or right between your home speakers. Note: The Q-Forms do not come with pre-cut holes, so you must cut holes in order to install your component speakers in the enclosures. Installing the Q-Forms panel enclosures in your vehicle may require relocation of the parking brake pedal or other vehicle parts. Already have a Q-Logic Enclosure and Subwoofer system?

The next step is to upgrade your speakers. But first, we need to clarify one thing. Stock speaker locations are not the ideal.

In most vehicles, the speakers are mounted in the doors and fire directly into your leg. Heres something to think about. Whether its a Home or Car Audio store, when you go to listen to any speakers, they are always aimed directly at you. You are On Axis with the speakers.

Speakers are engineered to Sound and Perform Best, when you are On Axis. Once they are installed in the doors of your vehicle, you are now Off Axis, because the speakers are no longer aimed directly at you. Therefore, the ONLY time you get to hear your speakers, as they were designed and engineered to sound, was at the Store when you bought them. The addition of a pair of Component Speakers, in a set of Q-Form kick panels, puts you back On Axis with your speakers and back in the Sweet Spot for great, concert-quality Sound.

If not, please visit a Home or Car Audio Store, stand On Axis with the speakers, then turn or stand Off Axis and listen. Listing and template services provided by inkFrog. The item "Q-Logic Custom Kick Panel Speaker Mounts GMC SIERRA CLASSIC 1996-2000" is in sale since Thursday, June 16, 2016. This item is in the category "eBay Motors\Parts & Accessories\Apparel & Merchandise\Other Apparel & Merchandise".

The seller is "main-street-pro" and is located in Stillwater, Oklahoma. This item can be shipped worldwide.

  • Brand: Q-Logic
  • Country of Manufacture: United States
  • Product Series: Q-Forms

Q-Logic Custom Kick Panel Speaker Mounts GMC SIERRA CLASSIC 1996-2000    Q-Logic Custom Kick Panel Speaker Mounts GMC SIERRA CLASSIC 1996-2000